Friday, November 9, 2012


when we are doing our morning school together, we have time every morning where samuel and i read together. he reads a page and then i read a page. it's great time together, experiencing the same book, and reading aloud to each other. 

just last week i tried having just 15 minutes of quiet read-together-time. 


why did i not already think of this?


yesterday found us all on my bed- each with a book. and we laid side by side and read quietly to ourselves. I got to read quietly for 15 minutes during our school morning!

i think there are so many great things about this little time. teaching them both the benefit of setting aside time to read, spending quiet time together doing something we enjoy. and i believe it will also help to develop in each of them a love of words. 

i know this is a small thing. 15 minutes. but it was a happy discovery over here. 


hope your week has been a happy one and that your weekend has at least a few good pockets of rest. 

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carlahinde said...

I think your kids will look back at this time so fondly, in years to come. Sounds so peaceful... :)
You are a great mom!