Wednesday, November 28, 2012

christmas decor. memories. and such.

this past friday, jason made the sometimes-treacherous trek into the attic to retrieve the boxes. the Christmas boxes. full of so many beautiful things.

and i'm sure you have a similar experience at your house- you pull each item out and memories come flooding. 

i love that part of Christmas decorating. it is full of history and people. as each year passes, there is more to remember. 

we have a whole box of paper ornaments that i made the first year we were married. we didn't have money for boxes and boxes of ornaments, so i went down to a scrap-booking store and used their die-cut machine. about $3 later, boom. done. decorated tree. 

and i made this wreath that year too. no money for home decor. and so magazine strips became a wreath.


it's starting to rip and fade. it probably won't make it for many more years. but each year i pull it out, i smile and give thanks. that He gave us such good beginnings. filled with good and hard smooshed together. these little paper reminders... they are good for the soul. 

another thing i've done over the years is save pretty christmas cards. i started it as a way to gather together free Christmas decorations. i just tape them up in different spots throughout the house- mostly on doorways. 

and what started as free decor has become something i really treasure. they have ended up being little reminders of friends and family. most of whom i won't see this Christmas.


a card from a friend from years ago. i think of her every time i see it up during these lovely holidays.


a card from my sister. i always put it up in the kitchen. and, you guessed it, it reminds me of her. during Christmas cookie baking, December breakfast making, i am reminded of her. 

and it is good. people i don't get to see and who don't get to be close during this beautiful month- i'm reminded of them and they feel just a step or two closer. 

good stuff. 

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