Thursday, October 21, 2010

ornaments and music

that's right. still working on ornaments. i'm a part of a small gallery ornament show in a few weeks and i need to come with something i love. so far...




i have small beginnings. that i'm not in love with.

i have fabric. i always seem to have fabric and i never have a lack of enthusiasm for fabric.




feeling a bit lackadaisical around here. but i have to be done with these ornaments a week from tomorrow. a rushed week looks inevitable. a new idea has been forming in my head, though... we'll see. i think what i really need is some owl city dancing with my babies this morning. join us-- you know you want to. :)


i've got a question for you all-- i found a new music widget for this space that would allow me more song choice, but it wouldn't start automatically-- you'd have to press play. i can see this as an advantage and a disadvantage. what do you think???

happy thursday, friends. me we embrace whatever He has for our todays- relying on Him to supply joy and patience.


ethiHOPEia said...

I think it is better in some ways because sometimes I just don't want to listen to music while trying to read a blog! I KNOW you have good music so I wouldn't mind just hitting "play"!
Enjoyed your sweet fellowship, I made some scones this AM! YUM.

alli said...

i'm with hilary - i will hit play if i am going to your blog for the music. i'm sorry i missed your call - please call back when you can. i still love the green fabric!