Tuesday, October 30, 2012


i had a pair of cable knit wrist warmers. they were made of a delicious blue i got from earth guild some years ago. well, i lost them. i have no idea where they went. no idea. it was time to make some new ones.

i bought a lovely green peruvian wool from a shop in Black Mountain, NC and set to work.



and, of course, pretty much the moment they were finished, a little ballerina-d miss came up to me, "i want to try those." and then i got a, "can i have some of these?" how can a knitting mama resist?


this little mini-wristwarmer photo shoot is horribly blurry. the girl won't hold still. but i can't stand it. so you're getting all of them anyway.





also-- do you see how well she is adjusting to colder temperatures? not at all. "but i LIKE being cold!" is what i keep hearing.

happy day to you, friends.


Chelsea said...

I saw yours on Sunday. Loved them! Love even more that your pretty princess wanted to share in your joy.

Lisa Gardner said...

At least she's wearing wrist warmers! :)

erica said...

i can't get enough of her. i just can't. she's just the cutest and most stubborn and i love her so for it.

Susanna Hindman said...

Those are so cute! Love them!