Thursday, December 16, 2010

tradition and anticipation

so Christmas is going to be different at our house this year. we usually travel to see my family. but we're not traveling this time around. jason's brother and sister-in-law are coming to be festive with us. it will be lovely, quiet, pj'd and yummy.

but i'm going to miss the usual. the wonderful and difficult. you know those beautiful family traditions we all take part in this time of year. i have two sisters and we all pretty much like being in charge and do not hesitate to share our thoughts on all matters discussed. my whole family talks over one another and we each get to the point where we HAVE to get away from all the talking! in the midst of delicious, much-labored-over food, we all sit and my dad prays to thank the Father for coming. for coming as one of us.

we will celebrate the same glorious occasion this year from our small dining room. we will all join hands and praise the One who gave and came. it will look just a little different than my other Christmas mornings. but the new imagining is filled with opportunity and expectation.

as we prepare around here- mailing final packages, wrapping, baking, gathering- i'm thinking of a quiet intimate holiday. pj's, hot chocolate and lots of laughing and praise. really trying to focus on the point of this all. losing my grip on it a bit lately, but hope that as the week ends and the Christmas week begins, i will run to the source of all joy.

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Briana said...

I will desperately miss those beautiful, wonderful, difficult family moments with you this year. As always, you put things that i'm thinking and feeling so nicely into words. Thank you. Love you.