Tuesday, December 21, 2010

the week

it's the week it all happens. not-enough-things get cleaned, things get baked, purchased and baked again. wrapping, people arriving and then some very serious couch-lounging and celebration. merriment and praise. gratitude and reflection. all the work is tasted and enjoyed come that one special morning.

wishing each of you a very very merry christmas. rejoicing in the Almighty God who came and became a baby. He does not stand far off and not know what it is to walk in our days. He did it. He knows. He came, so that we could come. come into His presence and family.

so grateful.
merry christmas, dear friends.


Anonymous said...

HOpe you had a merry Christmas Jo. Thought of you this morning as I looked at the snow and wondered if you and the kiddies were out enjoying South Carolina's meager icy offerings. I know it's not much compared to what you're used to. I actually thought of you because I figured you guys were loving it and I was a Scrooge at my kids telling them that they couldn't go out because I didn't want to clean up after the snowy excursion. I know, bah humbug to me--although, I do have three sickies to take care of too, so that's my excuse. At any rate, hope you are enjoying the white.

joanna said...

thanks beth!! how sweet. yes, we were enjoying. jason turns into such a kid whenever it snows. he made an awesome snowcave with basically ALL of our yard's snow. we are sick here too. sucks. hope they mend quickly. and i hope you had a wonderful Christmas too.