Wednesday, August 17, 2011


my boy turns 5 tomorrow.


and tonight has not been easy. it's a tight budget week around here. the man requested strawberry cupcakes. i took the last of them, diced them up and threw them into the batter.

they came out of the oven looking like this:



then, i took the skillet out of them oven containing our dinner's chicken breast. 2 minutes later preceded to grab the handle of said skillet. yup.

then i burst into tears.

but i can feel a rally-moment coming my way.

my man turns 5 tomorrow. must rally. 2nd attempt at cupcakes. this is a rally song if ever there was one. here we go.


Howard said...

Happy birthday, little guy! Isn't it crazy how fast they grow up, jo?! I have SO had that happen with the cupcakes, too. Such a bummer- especially at crunch time! You can do it! Go, momma, go!

Anonymous said...

Love this rally song. Play today all day if you need to! And, give that sweet sweet boy tons of hugs and kisses from me. He owes me like 100 kisses. Bri

joanna said...

thanks girls. it turned out alright. these mommy moments...