Wednesday, August 10, 2011

deep breaths- open space

Jason bought a book for us to read together (Because He loves me). It is about God's great love for us and how, if we really understood it, it would (and does) inform every decision and moment in our day. and the chapter jason and i sat down to this past monday night centered on the reality of my right standing before God.

Because of what Christ has done, and because I am hidden in Christ, God feels for me the same feelings He has for His Son. i know. it sounds crazy. but Christ's perfect record has replaced my crappy one. the Father will never stop loving the Son. He will never stop loving me. no matter what. no matter how many times i mess up.

and there is such freedom there. such open space and deep breathing. i cannot fail Him. Christ never will. i am hidden in Him.

this is mind-blowing to me. these are things i've known. truth i've spoken out loud to others. but i've been reminded anew of the true FREEDOM there is in this beautiful gospel and i can't keep quiet. i'm so thankful.

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melanie said...

i needed that today. :)