Monday, August 22, 2011

the library

friday night was one of those. where i thought that if one more person (little or big) was loud again, my ear drum would actually burst. my head was spinning and i couldn't handle the crazy anymore. as jason was making his way home i was thinking of what we (or i) could do that evening to alleviate some of the interior and exterior crazy.

and here was my answer:


the library. all by myself. did you know that being quiet is one of the RULES at the library? it was magical. i went upstairs- to the adult section. and meandered.

with fabulous company. nothing but books. quiet and books. i can't say enough about it. it restored my soul.

and i came home refreshed and better. and so excited to sit, after little ones were tucked in, and peruse my treasures. the library is amazing. they just let you take books. for free. it's crazy awesome.

so the next time you're ready to yank your ears right off- drop the kids off at my house and go to the library. beautiful medicine. quiet.


Allie P said...

Did I just read "drop your kids off at my house"?!

I've NEVER been to the adult book section of the downtown library. Ever. I tend to go to the Taylors library, plop kids down in the kid section and run for about 3 min of perusal in the REAL BOOK section and hope I can find something that looks interesting before I hear someone yelling "mommy!!!"

This gives me a great idea for my next just mommy night out. Can't wait!

Anonymous said...

The library has an adult section?! That's awesome! I never knew that! Just thought they had kids stuff.

melanie said...

i'm so glad that you got some alone time.

erica said...

yaay. i love the library. however, it is sadly no longer a place of refuge anymore. i am currently sitting at the desk and am being chatted to by a crazy sweaty man named oscar. the one who said that he was a friend of prince charles and stayed at buckhingham palace. quiet oscar...inside whisper no voices. that's the rule for you.

Anonymous said...

I would drop him off at your house, but it's kind of a drive :)
Lisa G