Wednesday, June 6, 2012


i have got to step up my game over here, folks. got to.

there need to be more vegetables. more recipes. less throwing together of things. i need some more adventure- some dinner inspiration.


so here's my plan. i'm going to try to cook one thing out of each section of Julia's Art of French Cooking. Julie-what's-her-name made everything in the book in one year. i'm aiming for at least 12- one a month. that's the bottom line. i'd like to try to make one new thing each week.

i started with a spring vegetable soup with pistou.


i'll be frank. my expectations weren't hitting the ceiling or anything.

and i was so wonderfully surprised! it was delicious. fresh, light, chock full of flavor. it started by cooking vegetables in water for 40 minutes. no broth- water. so i thought it would taste like... you know, water. but i had majorly underestimated that pistou. garlic, herbs, tomato paste and yumminess.


loved it. felt a tiny sparkle of inspiration.

we'll see how this goes. it was a promising start.

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Mandy Deming said...

It looks yummy. Recipe please! Based on the picture I might have most of those items in my kitchen right now!