Monday, June 4, 2012

school's out

it feels like we started so long ago. the first day of school.


i made a days-of-school chart. 180 days. and when i drew all those tiny boxes, 180 seemed insurmountable.  but then there we were:


one day left. his sweet fingers put the last sticker in--


and like that- the year was over. we did it. one whole school year at home. and my little cutie-pants has made it pretty easy on me. we've read, learned what adding and taking away means, looked at bird books and bug books. we've learned about frogs and gone to the zoo to see them for real.

i don't know what i really expected when this school year began. like so many things in my life, i was a bit ill prepared. and perhaps he missed out a bit because of it. i'll never know.

all i know here, at the end, is that i loved this year. hard days? sure. days where i couldn't understand why he was crying and why he couldn't understand that 'together' and 'adding' were the same? yes. but all in all: a good year. we had it together. learned together. i learned more about him, and of course, more about myself.

a good year.

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