Thursday, June 14, 2012

father's day books

if you're like me, certain holidays tend to creep up on you. "oh yeah... it's fourth of july... tomorrow..."

i am so proud of myself for thinking of father's day already this week. a major step of progress, people.

we made books. each kid picked out a color of construction paper (samuel-- yellow, kate-- black {full of surprises, this one}) for the cover.

i took 2 sheets of basic printer paper, cut them down the latitude-middle, folded each section in half, and the beginnings of a book were upon us.


i put the printer paper onto each piece of construction paper and cut around, giving the construction paper a tiny edge. those of you who are more precise can certainly measure. your lines will be enviably straighter than mine.


i folded that in half and ran the middle through my sewing machine. if you don't have one of those, you can use needle and thread, or hole punch and yarn/ribbon/staples- whatever works.

then i wrote in some questions for the kids to answer. my questions were:

my dad is_____ years old
his favorite thing to do is_______
with his money he buys_______
his favorite food is________
my dad knows a lot about___________
i love my dad because________
my dad loves to___________ with me

samuel took his and filled in the blanks- i asked kate the questions and wrote in the answers.


there were a few extra pages at the back where samuel drew pictures of him and his dad (kate was not in the drawing mood today). 

and... done. father's day gift. not made on father's day. wonders never cease. 



Susanna Hindman said...

How cute! And such adorable answers to the questions too. A keepsake for sure :)

joanna said...

i think so too susanna. i couldn't handle the answers. they made me tear up. such evidence that these two love their daddy and that they know he loves them.