Friday, June 29, 2012

my dinner plan

i told you about my plan. to try, just one day a month, to make something new from Julia Child's Art of French Cooking. to breath some life into our dinners around here.


well, friends, i tried. Swiss Quiche was on the docket. now, pie crust and i do not get along. never have. i hope someday that we will reconcile, but so far...

yeah. so i was so excited with Julia's pastry instructions. a bit new. helpful. my hang up usually surrounds the rolling out/placing into the pie plate area. i had success! it looked beautiful in the tart pan, going into the oven for a pre-bake. i was so excited.

and then i pulled it out. the beans (used to weight it) had stuck to the bottom and the sides had shrunk and were now about 1/4 inch above the bottom.


quiche mixture went into a pie plate with no pie crust and i had to go run an errand.

husband calls and says that the beans are now coming off the bottom of the pie plate with no difficulty. should he try to pour the egg mixture into the shell? i say, sure. i am feeling hopeful.

then my phone rings again. "yeah. i think you should pick something up for dinner on your way home."

so... that didn't work. and i felt like a tiny bit of a failure. then began to write this post in my mind.

one of these days... piecrust and i are going to get some counseling. we're going to power through. one of these days.

on to the next.

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Anonymous said...

Piecrust and I also have that relationship... doesn't it feel like grandma's genes should have kept the piecrust ability with them? it's like we're getting extra gyped because we know how good it could be....