Tuesday, September 18, 2012


fall is coming, friends. oh, it's coming soon. saturday.

we have a quilt that we usually have on our bed during the warmer months, and a comforter that goes on during the cool months.

and i couldn't wait. so today our bed changed from this:


to this:


and i'm so excited to sleep under the extra warm-weight tonight.

the air is starting to cool and crisp up a bit. i found a legitimate fallen leaf on our driveway today. ginger snap cookies were pulled from the oven today. this weekend i will hunt and find apples for canning and, come saturday, the few pieces of autumn decor i own are going up.

exciting stuff.

you may think i'm a little over-excited about this upcoming season change. but i'm a minnesota girl. these summers in south carolina are hot and sticky ones. and, once again, i looked around during the last week or so of august this past summer and wondered why me and my children were so cranky. why is everyone whining and going a little crazy?

as the first glimpses of cool days rolled down my street, i remembered: i'm used to having cabin fever in march. down here, i get it in august.

and today was glorious. a day that ended in cooler breeze and a white and blue sky. a perfect day for building a nest. in a wagon, apparently.



we are happy. come, blessed autumn. we've been waiting.


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