Friday, September 21, 2012


good morning.

kate and i are dusting off the night and greeting the day.

our boys are in the mountains. they camped overnight- a birthday request that has finally come to fruition.

this afternoon, my little miss and i will join them and we will sleep a night beneath the stars. our first foray into family camping. yup. we'll see how it goes.

while i'm unsure about the quality of sleep i will receive and a bit nervous about the cold that will greet me with the sun tomorrow, i am really looking forward to a few things.

all four of us cuddled up in the same space.


a fire.

and, most of all, sitting around a fire with my one and only.

life has been a bit harried of late. running here and going there. nights of being left at home while the other goes elsewhere. we've been doing good things. good things. but not together things.

i miss him. and we seem to be more often teetering over that arguing cliff these days.

i think we need a night of easy conversation, sitting beside a fire.

happy weekending to you and yours. hope we all get to greet fall saturday morning with a hot drink in-hand.

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