Friday, September 28, 2012


from Valley of Vision:

O God the Holy Spirit-
When Thou didst first hover over chaos, order came to birth,
beauty robed the world, fruitfulness sprang forth.
Move, i pray Thee, upon my disordered heart;
Take away the infirmities of unruly desires and hateful lusts;
lift the mist and darkness of unbelief;
brighten my soul with the pure light of truth;
make it fragrant as the garden of Paradise,
rich with ever goodly fruit, 
beautiful with heavenly grace,
radiant with rays of divine light.

Be my Comforter, Light, Guide, Sanctifier,
take of the things of Christ and show them to my soul


1 comment:

erica said...

thank you so much for this jo. i needed it today. and it's just so lovely and filled with so much that i would ask of Him.