Wednesday, September 5, 2012


stress is a funny thing. sometimes. 

in the middle of work and worry rests my oh-so-familiar friend stress. 

and i'm not the best at managing the presence of this friend. 

my answers to kid-questions get shorter. my head gets fuzzier. and old fears rise up and haunt. 

today i did my best to stand firm. to stand on the white(ish) tile in my kitchen and remember the truth. 

in the middle of work- beautiful work- i remembered aloud: 

"i have trusted in the steadfast love of Jesus; 
my heart will rejoice in the salvation He has given. 
i will sing to the Lord, 
because He has dealt bountifully 
with me."

                  - taken from psalm 13:5-6


and it's true. my blessings are bountiful. His hand is present and evident. there is nothing to fear. 

nothing to fear. 

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Lisa Gardner said...

Love Jason's T-shirt and I'm so glad you had a great show! If I lived any closer I would have made the drive to see you (but 18 hours or whatever is a little long :)

I miss you and love you.
P.S. what do you use to get your photos up on the blog? a sharing site or direct from your files? there's a heated debate going on right now...