Wednesday, October 17, 2012


got an email yesterday from a member of our little homeschool co-op asking about where we should meet up for thursday's field trip. my immediate thought was, "what?!? what field trip?? what is she talking about?" and then.... a faded memory in the back of my brain emerged. "oh............. i remember now."

and this pretty much sums up my days of late. can't really see a week ahead- not even a few days ahead- just to the next thing. and then the next thing is here. am i prepared for it? not usually. do we make it through? yes. we've made it to wednesday.

in the midst of the crazy, i've been loving some recent sewing projects. nothing too major. but fun. a wedding gift for a friend.



and a commission for another friend. quilts for her daughters' beds. i love the fabrics she chose. it has been such fun to piece these strips together.


it has been nice to work on some projects for specific people. next up is a piece for a dear friend who is pregnant with her first. can't wait to add to her nursery.

hope this lovely mid-october is finding you well. here's hoping i haven't forgotten somewhere i'm supposed to be today.

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