Sunday, October 21, 2012

home is beautiful.

welcome back to the week, friends.

our wheels have been spinning and spinning over here these days. it feels like we haven't had a free saturday since sometime in august. 

but this saturday was so lovely. quiet. slow-starting. we were out in the yard all together- kate "planting" cut flowers. samuel helping haul branches to the curb. we cleaned up and tackled a kid's-room rearrange. we were all together. here, at our home-place. what a blessing. 

i often take home for granted. kate began a fever/cough-filled week last tuesday, so we have seen a lot of this little place since then. and as i missed a field trip with friends (adult and kid), i was sad. feeling a bit stuck inside these walls. when i texted a friend to tell her i would not be along for the fun of thursday, she encouraged me to not be sad. "home is beautiful," she said. 

oh it is. these walls are a gift. including the walls with pink marker scribbles and dried glue from where someone decided to 'hang' their artwork.

the big window in the living room where i can see the front yard tree starting to change colors.

the bunk beds. the kitchen curtains. the bins of crayons. the legos in the corner. 

beautiful stuff. 

i'm longing for bigger eyes. i feel like that's a frequent plea for me. eyes to see as much of the good as i can take in. His beauty. all of it. right here. 

home is beautiful. 

happy week-start. may we have eyes to see. 


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