Monday, October 1, 2012

a shelf

our kids share a room. they are young and learning how to share. sharing is a good lesson. a very good and very necessary lesson.

but, i think, there is something about space of your own. a tiny corner that's just yours.

in that vein, samuel received a little gift this weekend.


a shelf. his very own shelf. where only his things go. things that are off limits to everyone else. a tiny board of ownership and responsibility.

he was so excited.

we had told him that this was coming awhile ago. and we took too long getting it finished and up. but as soon as jason hammered in the final nail, samuel was climbing up his bunk bed ladder with treasures in his hands.

i loved seeing what he put up there. a bouncy ball, a lego guy, a bottle cap.

a little space of your own. it feels like a baby step toward him moving out someday. but, i'm hoping that as long as he still has cowboy sheets, that day is far off.


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