Friday, July 16, 2010

looking for hearts

I had a wonderful lunch yesterday with 4 other moms. and as our children ran under our feet, dropped pizza on the floor, fell down and got back up-- we laughed and talked. and through our edifying conversation, i was reminded again that i sometimes don't really look at my kids. when i scan my home, i see the spiderweb in the corner, the dishes on the table, the fabric beckoning me and the laundry pile. but so often i don't really see the golden heads right below me. i don't really listen to them call my name and ask me for something.

oh i want to really see them. i want to take time to look deep into their eyes and ask my Father to help me see their hearts. when i stop-- of course their hearts are so much of my world-- so very important! how can they be so easy to bypass in my daily tasks? how can i put the floor being swept above getting down on the floor and knowing them better?

Father, help me see. i want to take time this afternoon to play-- really play. disperse my many annoyances and frustrations, oh God. replace them with Your good and laughter.

Thank you, girls, for reminding me yesterday. community rocks.


Beth said...

It was a great time Jo. What an encouraging post. I'm going to go kiss my little golden heads right now! Thanks for sharing your heart. Andy and I were talking about this the other day and just thinking about the way people used to live together and work together. Our society has become so globally connected and yet so isolated at the same time. I feel so blessed to be connected to a wonderful community of women who love Jesus and want to be good moms (that's you!).

joanna said...

Beth-- i agree. so many times I am grateful for people-- women around me to help, hold me up, come alongside. God does such mysterious and marvelous things in relationships. I can't even see it. He just does it. so thankful. Thanks for reading/listening and caring.