Saturday, July 10, 2010


there is so much to be done. i now have piles of fabric-- piles. beautiful silks and cottons. ready to be sewn into so many different things.


and i'm feeling overwhelmed. what fabrics did i think would go well together? what am i making? why am i doing this again? all this is in preparation for the Indie Craft Parade coming up in September.

I'm hoping to sit down tonight, splay the fabric all out before me and then-- genius will strike. right? yeah. i'm sure that's exactly what will happen.


alli said...

how weird - i commented on both of the posts below a couple of days ago, and they showed up on that day. now, they are gone!! well, i loved the pictures (the one of you and erica is great, and i even gave a shout-out to erica - it was good to "see" you), and if our pictures of your fam don't turn out, i can use that one of you four. what a great shot!

joanna said...

that is weird. erica had the same trouble. bother. and i know- i love that picture of us too! turned out really nice. at this arboretum they did some 'replicas' of homes of beatrix potter characters. i think that picture was us by Mrs. Tiggywinkle's home. it was fun. they had real snow white ducks inside Jemima's home. i thought of you and the girls.