Wednesday, July 14, 2010

ornaments and summer

so i need help. i want to have a Christmas ornament for sale at this craft fair. so far, i'm not 100% inspired by anything i've made. i've got these two, so far, but i've waiting for one of them to shout out loud, 'i'm awesome-- people just love me!'

i'm not feeling it. what do you think?


i would add mattress stitch around the outside of the star here, and i'm thinking i would need to add buttons in some form to this one and i would use different fabrics-- a bit brighter:


help me, please. do you like one more than the other? should i keep trying? you can tell me. i can take it.

i had to share these photos of summer. i'm so so so glad we started this garden. its lush beauty every morning and evening is such a treat to see. those huge orange squash blossoms and the round gorgeous red of the tomatoes peeking out from more green.


so satisfying. and a bit more summer to close-- (the lips. i can't take it):




alli said...

the stars!! they are my favorite and i need to buy a few more to add to the ones we've already received from you! (and of course, the brighter and shinier the better, for the girls:)) your garden looks awesome. and jason's feet in the picture of the kiddos really make the shot.

joanna said...

okay so i'm working more on the stars. i think i've found a good way to do them... i'll show them to you when i get a good one done. and i agree-- jason's feet make it.