Friday, July 30, 2010


You've seen my beautiful craft table- next to our giant window- so consistently covered in yellow light. i love it. space is such a luxury. square feet are costly. and i'm so blessed to have a space of my own.

and i got to help my sister create a space for herself this weekend. her sweet husband gave her a desk set for mother's day. she's been trying to paint it (black, with light blue on the back of the bookshelves). little nap times here, a half hour of evening there. and so it sat in her garage when we arrived. the top of the desk painted with one patchy coat. so we undertook.

and here is where the picture that i didn't take should go. i know.

we finished it. the night before we left, there was a bookshelf, a lovely fabric covered bulletin board, a wide and deep smooth table and a lamp shedding soft light onto her own quiet space. and the sweet girl got a little teary looking at it all set up and inviting.

the sun was setting outside. the children were quiet in their beds and she had a space. a whole table top of space. and it was so satisfying to stand there with her and take it in.

and i'm missing her today. longing to hop in my car again and start north.

what a gift space is. in all its forms. we need it, can be selfish about it, can be lost in it and can absolutely thrive in it. and i'm so glad she has her own little corner.


erica said...

i can just see sweet bri. her life is such chaos...or as we say a comedy of errors. she needs a little her space. a little creative moment. love you both.

Briana said...

love you both too. Jo, you always make me cry with this blog.
I need and love you guys.

Brad, Michelle & Dale said...

What great examples of sisterly love you all are. Glad you have your own space, Bri! In a house full of boys, a little "girl" space is important.