Monday, July 12, 2010

well things did not turn out as i'd hoped. they so rarely do, right? i splayed out the fabric and i got some good music going. and then everything i tried seemed not good enough. things didn't work the way i thought and i got, well, mildly frustrated.

we had our last day leading worship at a church in anderson yesterday morning. we've only been doing it since the beginning of May, but it was still sad to say goodbye to kind people. but we also received confirmation that not continuing there was a good decision. God does things so differently than i would.

and when i think things are not working well at all, He's usually just getting started on making things more beautiful. when will i adjust and expect His process instead of relying on my fail-safe emotion: frustration?

and then i'm reminded of my impatience. i will strive to turn my face to the Lord and smile in the light of His care and glory.

and perhaps i can continue the trivial parallel here and try to do the same at my sewing table. maybe some beauty will emerge soon. i will post photos of those results when they happen.

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