Thursday, September 30, 2010


i so often get to the end of day feeling like i didn't do what needed to be done. either i ignored my kids all day, but my house is clean, or i sewed all day and ignored both. i don't think i've ever spent a whole day ignoring everything and only playing with my kids. sad. so yesterday i tried something new for me. i started the day with one particular thing i wanted to accomplish in each of those three areas.

so i folded laundry, read books with my kids, we made cookies together, and i read my book during nap time (i did other things too. just made sure to do these). it was a good day. and i think i want to continue my effort in being mindful of these three things. i'm so often only concerned with myself.

but i was reminded yesterday, as i tried to find a solution to my often frustrating days, that i'd forgotten... rest. stillness. dependence and rest. i can accomplish nothing on my own. i so easily forget.

so here's to more rest. more dependence. the purple clouds are just now being touched by the beginnings of the day's sunlight. and i right now strive to surrender it all to my Creator. every minute... the hours... they are not my own.



Beth said...

That's a good word. I almost never take time to rest. Now I'll fall on the couch and crash out, ignoring everything, but to just sit in the quiet and rest--to remember to depend not on myself. So hard to remember.

alli said...

why can i never remember the name of that flower - it is a beautiful shot of such amazing colors. what a beautiful God we serve. good words, jo.

Briana said...

What a great pic. Love your new camera.