Friday, September 3, 2010


so i woke up yesterday grateful for a day at home with little ones. i was going to engage with my children, play with them, get on the floor and have a mommy day. but by 8:40, i was cleaning my daughter's um... well... nastiness out of the bath tub, putting her back into the tub to start bath time all over again and i already had failed at being a happy mom. my frustration hits me so quickly- in a second my attitude is changed-- why does it feel like it takes so much longer for me to recover?

we did, however, all make bread together.



well, samuel and i made bread and kate ate the dough.



but we did have fun. learning how to knead and throwing flour all about. what could be more fun?



oh how i want to be in these moments. i want to run to these God-gift moments instead of wallowing in my frustration and selfishness.

hope your weekend is full of little joy-- His gifts are everywhere!


alli said...

I love it when I am in the middle of doing something "fun" for the kids and I get frustrated because they are not doing it the way I want them to!! And who again was I doing this for? "You will do this my way, and you will have fun!" Oh, won't it be wonderful to be in heaven and be free from this sinful heart - to really 'live' with no constraints - joy!

joanna said...

Yes alli!! why do i allow my expectations to ruin so many things?

Briana said...

thanks for your honesty girl. makes me feel normal. And, encourages me to get it over it, you know?