Wednesday, September 15, 2010


the kids and i are going exploring with a special friend today. trying to discover a new waterfall. samuel has his compass around his neck already and is upset that we have to start out by driving. i'm longing to break out of these feeling-small walls today and hear those beautiful water sounds. He reminds me of His goodness through so many things, but the beauty He has created-- the greens and blues surrounding me-- is a guarantee. His creation draws me to Himself. so that i can barely breath. that feeling-- you know the one-- i can't take it all in, my breath catches and my soul is spilling. He fills it. And i can't take in all the beauty-- all the rock-water glory.

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john and keri said...

that's when i burst out in one of three great thou art, awesome god or your love oh lord! hope you enjoy it :)