Wednesday, April 27, 2011

another reminder that community rocks

a good friend was in my kitchen last week. as we put a dinner together for our families she asked me how i was doing with staying home full-time with my little ones. i had talked with her at the close of last year about my trepidation stepping back into being home all the time.

and i paused. looked at her and said, "i think..."

and she smiled and said, "you seem better."

"i feel better." not perfect. not always easy. but it has gotten just a little easier to put aside my wants in the middle of a wednesday and see the beauty He has laid out before me. to choose my little ones over myself. embarrassing to admit, but that's where i've been folks.

it was one of those moments that sneaks up on you. i hadn't really been looking, hadn't been seeing, but He had been working. growing my heart in places, changing my mind without me knowing. and i arrive better.

but without her in my kitchen, knowing me before and knowing me now, i wouldn't have stopped, taken stock, and praised the Lord for His hand of graceful teaching in my life.

just another reason i'm so thankful He has me surrounded on this journey. so thankful for community and how He uses it.

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seriousbethy said...

Yesssss!! Those moments--folding the same diapers for the one thousandth time, when cutting bp&j into the same dinosaur shapes for the one thousandth time, when sweeping up dried mac n cheese from the same floor for the thousandth time--when the Spirit whispers into your heart that what you are doing is good and beautiful and FOR HIM are such precious grifts. Moments of fulfillment and joy when you say, how in the world can I be feeling joy in the middle of this mundane, disgusting, thankless task? Those moments are a screaming reminder of the grace in you, working, changing, taking away the ugly and replacing it with beautiful. I love reading how God is doing that in your heart and in your home Jo.