Friday, April 15, 2011

birthday garland

made a birthday garland for a sweet friend.


but i didn't think to take pictures of the process of making it. so i don't think i can call this an all-out tutorial, but it was easy and i'm going to try to explain.

take one rectangle of fabric you like, iron on a same-sized rectangle of Heat-n-Bond. then peel the paper back on it, iron onto another fabric you like. ta-da! two sided fabric. cut some circles out.

repeat with two other fabrics.

then i used invisible thread (you wouldn't have to) and shoved them through my machine one after the other- like on the fall garland.


i really liked the result.


i'm looking forward to a saturday spent in the dirt. little plants and little hands. fabulous.

blessings on your weekends, friends. see you monday.

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