Monday, April 18, 2011

a hopeful week

went to a fabulous north carolina bakery on saturday. just cause.




stopped at a beautiful nursery to wander and gaze at all the amazing stuff God has made. growing things blow me away.


and we made it to the park. love saturdays.




on Friday i got to spend the night with about two hundred women from our church. they gathered together to fellowship and declare united that our God is awesome. as i stood and sang, hit with a wall of His daughter's voices singing praise to His name, i almost had to stop singing. so incredible.

i've been thinking a lot, lately, about the big picture. the whole story. how God made everything perfect, it all fell apart, He will restore it fully one day. and as i prepare this week for Easter, i'm hoping i can set my eyes on His resurrection morning full of expectation. joyful, hope-filled faith in what is here now (His presence) and what is to come.



Lacey said...

That NC bakery has to be McFarlane's - right?

Our absolute favorite.

During the summer it is possible that we visit it weekly.

Next time - we should go together.

Have you ever taken your kids to the Hands On Museum in downtown Hendersonville?

joanna said...

yes! the bomb. love love love it. and yes. let's do it. and yes- i stinkin love that place. so fun.

so it seems an upcoming day is in the works. i'm there.

Louisa said...

Love reading your posts. Thanks for the reminder about the bigger picture!