Wednesday, April 6, 2011

the same problem

how am i supposed to fit it all? how am i supposed to get it done? a classic question posed by, well, everyone at some point, i think. and i'm here today. sitting (unmoving) in my dining room chair just gazing at the piles.




and thinking on the mental lists:

i need to call ___, oh and i forgot to talk to jason about _____, my kitchen is a mess, that corner of the floor is gross, that's right-- never folded that laundry, what is the heart issue going on when my kid does that? i need to pray about that, is this all the food we have? ooo that would make a great pillow design...

and on and on and on

and i sit. slowly turning my head from pile to pile. and still i sit.

on days like this, it is hard to cling to the small accomplishments. hard to make a list of just 7 things and get those 7 things done. hard to take the 15 minutes to sit with my kids and do what THEY want to do.

and i don't see what's right in front of me. like 'sculptures':


i don't know the solution. i'm sure it has something to do with balance and gratitude. but i can't grasp it this morning.

i'll try to make a list of 7. i'll try it. and i'll TRY to let go of some other things. and i will sit with my kids. i will and watch the small accomplishments add up.

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Anonymous said...

I continually comfort myself with the fact that this season of little, seemingly helpless ones is so short. Soon they will be able to help with the housework, to have conversations that challenge your faith and ideas for all sorts of things you can create together. That makes me feel better when one mess piles up after another.

And for the record, you DID see the sculpture. :)

Thanks for your very real post Jo!