Monday, April 11, 2011

rejoice in hope

have i told you how thankful i am for spring?



this weekend was full of it. full of outside- new leaves, fresh flowers, dusk light with friends and life around each corner.


a robin's nest in our hedge. i'm afraid she left because of all the excitement. hope she returns.


we had friends over for a perfect night of revelry. a good weekend by so many standards.


i walked this morning to greet my Lord and the day. i looked at the early sky and saw His hand. and felt the comfort only He can bring. i quickly walked back into the frenzy of my mind, but will hopefully remember my early moment throughout this day.

i don't like that i so easily sway. i teeter and fall into the frustration i'm so prone to. when my kids are yelling and asking me difficult questions. you know the moments. when the dishes pile and your back hurts. the hammock outside is calling to you along with your bedside book. but the tasks don't leave and the relationships don't always work on their own. my effort- my surrendering effort is required everywhere i look.

striving to lay it all down today. to rejoice in the hope i have. striving.



kolby g said...

Thanks for sharing! I really neede to hear this today.

Ben said...

such beauty - He never fails to inspire if we just have eyes to see! thanks for helping me see - and that is a great song!

Ben said...

i have no idea why that says Ben - i didn't even know he had a google account:)

Mom 24 little ones said...

I'll be honest...I've had your blog on my list for awhile, but like ALL your awesome posts, it is hard to keep up with everything, on top of the mind that never stops reminding me of what I still need to do!

Just wanted to stop in and say you should have a thousand followers because you speak reality and truth! I can hear myself in...well, all your posts!

Thanks for posting, thanks for encouraging, thanks for letting me know I'm not alone with my struggles, lists and hope in the Lord!!

Have a great week!!