Wednesday, April 13, 2011

a story and some unrelated photos

monday afternoon took us to the library. with an overflowing bag of overdue items. as i'm trying to haul this and my two children into the library, samuel falls. oh the tragedy- a scraped up knee. my sweet-souled boy is recently coming to grips with the evil in this world and he can't make sense of it. so, in the midst of the screaming, i'm being asked questions like: 'why do we get hurt, mom?' 'why did God make scratches?'

so i'm trying to answer these questions calmly, keep kate on the sidewalk, keep the bag from falling over and keep my skirt over my knees as much as possible. a woman walks up to us at this point with a ziploc containing bandaids and neosporin. she asks samuel if that will help.

my frustrated son basically growls and shakes his fist at her. it was awesome. and then i sheepishly said to her, 'thank you so much. you are very prepared.'

she responds: 'oh, i take care of children.'

now i know what she meant. but you all know what i heard. more awesome.

so i pep-talk my son into being 'really brave' and go into the library with my bag, argue a bit with the librarian, then get back into my car with my hobbling son.

life with littles. awesome. truly.


the zoo with a new friend

i don't think our robin is returning. we LOVED seeing her beautiful eggs this morning, though.


and back to life. happy mid-week to you all.



Allie P said...

Oh I take care of children. FUNNY!!!
So funny.
2 things: I don't think we're even allowed to go to the public library anymore, all 3 of the cards we have issued have a book missing or some fine that needs paying. I should probably attempt at reconciliation to prepare for summer.

I wish I could post a picture of the mammoth pile of CLEAN laundry I have piled up, ready to be folded, ironed and put away. It's so daunting I've avoided it until I have enough to get through an entire podcast. Maybe today.

Briana said...

Love it Jo. You always make me smile and feel like a team player. Love you.