Friday, April 1, 2011

so... 15 minutes, huh?

i've been trying folks. really i have. 15 minutes of uninterrupted play time with the kiddos.

yesterday i asked samuel if he would like to build a marble run with me. he says yes and i'm ready to log in my 15 minutes.


awesome. marble runs rock. this is my set from when i was small and i think i love it just as much now as then. i find myself delighted with the possibilities and still giddy at the sound of 10 marbles hitting the zig-zag piece all in a row.

my son wanted to take said awesome-marble-run-pieces and make robots out of them. well... i didn't want to do that. i had a perfectly awesome toy in front of me that was going to be entertaining and i didn't want to make robots.

now i would really like to tell you that i stopped right then, reflected on my desire to say yes and then told my son i'd love to make robots.

yeah... i didn't do that. i said something like, "that's a great idea buddy. let's maybe make a marble run right now and you can do that later."

i know. sad. totally sad.


i'm working on it. He's opening my eyes to see these little hearts before me and i'm looking more closely all the time. i'm working on it. we still had fun. really. we did.

if you are starting 15 minutes of your own- i'd LOVE to hear about it. post on your blog about it and link back in the comments. or just leave a comment with what you and yours have been up to.


Allie P said...

So I read your post. Then I went to my wandering little Kate and said, "Okay, Mommy's going to play with you. What do you want to do?" Her reply, "School."
SO, I did 30 min of school with her and she was in HEAVEN. We ended up learning about dinosaurs, paleontologists, and even making a skeleton of a dinosaur out of raw noodles.

fraukuech said...

Now that it's getting warmer, the kids are biking all the time. And, ugh, Lauren always want to race me. Except Miss Tiffany is in flipflops and she wants me to run while she zooms past me on her bike. Fun? No. So, last week, I hopped on her Razor scooter and we raced around the culdesac. That was actually pretty fun.