Tuesday, June 7, 2011

evening prayer

the day is closing. my mint tea is steaming and i can hear a muffled audio book reaching beyond the closed bedroom door to my chair. the end of another day. filled with more laughter and tears to add to the rest of the days before. and the end is so much quieter than the whole.


i know i've touched on it before but prayer has been on my mind lately. conversing with my Father. and my sister recommended i read "Power of a Praying Wife." now, this is a book i have mocked a bit. if not spoken, inwardly i felt above such a typical Christian-book-store staple. i mean... it's pink and has a flower on the cover. not usually my cup of tea. wow was i wrong.

i've been shocked at how little i pray for my dearest man. i think of him, wish different things for him and us, but crying out to my Father on his behalf... not much.

i'm loving this new small habit of praying as i end my day- lifting up my partner and talking with my Dad. i hope it grows into more.

goodnight, dear friends.

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fraukuech said...

thanks for the recommendation. i've seen the book dozens of times, and probably even leafed through it once or twice. i'll have to check it out. Also, I love the hydrangeas! :)