Friday, June 17, 2011

house painting

had a brain wave while on a walk with the kids. one of those fuzzy memories coming through the fog into the forefront. and i remembered doing this as a girl:


painting the house with water. oh yes. what joy. the girl had to adjust to there being no exciting colors. but after that- they had a blast.



as our car was being de-hail-damaged, we hung at the house yesterday. livin' large.


and as i sit and and stare at this screen this morning, my brain feels blank. full of little half-thoughts:

i miss my husband
i'm looking forward to gathering with friends soon
finished a book and i can't figure out what i think about it
so thankful for my open windows yesterday
green and summer are beautiful


happy weekend, folks. hope you can get out for a little (or a lot) of adventure. hoping the same for myself. and to see His good gifts at every turn. i know they're there.


Howard said...

I just let mine help paint the front door w/ real paint (a sample size can in a fun color- cheap, easy house makeover!) and I have to say I like your idea way better! Much neater and just as fun! We'll try it out!

erica said...

i totally remember doing that! what a fun memory to pop up. i used to love doing that. cute little big earringed girl painting the house.