Thursday, June 9, 2011

Reedy and kid-truth

i know i haven't talk about this for awhile. but i'm still, sometimes, trying for 15 minutes. or at least striving for the attitude. letting go of what i want to do and just playing. so good for my heart, not to mention the hearts of my little ones.

a recent 15 minutes was spent looking for Reedy. we happen to have one of our own.


Our Trader Joe's has a stuffed frog named "Reedy" who is hiding somewhere in the store. If you find him you get a treat. So we took turns hiding Reedy, counting and finding.


it was a lovely little hide and seek game.

my little samuel has had a troubled heart this week. such a thinker, that one. coming to terms with his mind. "my brain says mean things sometimes, mom. i don't like listening to my brain."

and, like my sister said to me when i handed her that quote, "oh buddy. the rest of your life..."

mental discipline. thinking on things that are good. upright. righteous. things that are above.

we've been talking a lot about it over here. this little philosopher of mine keeps forcing me to remember/find answers to big questions. keeps making me rehearse the truth out loud. it's so good for me. exhausting, friends, but good.

i'm praying these days and nights filled with ideas and scripture will root deeply in his little soul. that he would be able to bring these things to mind years from now when he feels crazy and like his thoughts don't belong to him and he can't find his feet. He is with him. and there is nothing to fear. it's true.

hope your week has been moving along well and not too quickly. hoping i can spend more time with eyes open and a mouth saying, 'yes!'

oh, and let me know what you think of this new playlist. i hope this one works. i'm working on building the playlist back. if you really want to hear the old one, go to and search for phoebeflock. it's there. but you have to listen to ads. yup. so i'm trying something new. i'm guessing some of you will like that the music doesn't start automatically. it's not my favorite feature, but we're compromising here.


alli said...

love, love the song! praying for little Samuel - love to him...

Anonymous said...

Reedy! Love it! Stealing that idea. Today.