Wednesday, June 1, 2011

paths ahead

i sang a song at church on sunday that i've sung there before.

nearly 8 years ago, i stood on the same stage and sang- about His paths. about how He leads me into places fear-filled. He leads me to better. i'm never alone. but this strange world in which we live isn't easy.

and 8 years ago, i'd lived here for about 3 days. where i knew a total of, oh, 6 people (4 of whom were all in elementary school). after just burying a dear friend, packing up our newly-married lives and moving to an unknown land. my soon-departing family stood in the lobby and i half sang, half sobbed my way through a song about embracing God's path forward. not having any clue what the coming years would hold. the deep heartache and pain. the lonely.

and all the good that came. a marriage with solid footing. restored relationships with family. new friendships that stretched and grew my heart and knowledge. so much good. so much.

and i sang it again on sunday. remembering that day. and again thinking on the path ahead. and again i cried. both in rejoicing for all He has done, and in fear for what is ahead. yeah. fear of the path ahead. after seeing, recounting, His faithfulness in such a special way. still fearful of what He has. what is happening to us? where are we headed next?

will it be good?

right now, i'm confidently answering... yes.


taste and see that the Lord is good.
He is good.
He has been faithful.
never fails.
never will.
hope for tomorrow.

looked out the window while making supper last night and found this contemplative one.

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