Tuesday, June 21, 2011

fathers and friends

we had a fabulous father's day.


celebrated with some dear friends at a fancy-for-us restaurant. it was so fun.


and i know i should be writing about fathers and how wonderful they are- and they are! (i've got two of the greats in my life. my dad and my sweet husband. i don't know how he does it. he rocks)

but i was so struck on sunday by the insane value of good friends. friends that can diffuse situations and bring light into dark so easily.

these friends have come over to our house in the past and felt that lovely marital tension that fills the air when you and your spouse are arguing, but 'people are coming over so get it together.' then one of our guests asks, "are you two fighting?" and in 5 minutes we're laughing. because how serious are most of those arguments really, when it all comes down?

i'm so glad we have people who break the tension with us. invite themselves into the ugly parts of our lives and bring us to better.

community rocks.


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Allie P said...

Totally identify with this!!! Made me laugh out loud. Sometimes we just call our friends and say, "Hey, you don't want to come hang out with us, we're working stuff out and it'll just be too awkward for you as we pretend everything is okay."