Thursday, June 30, 2011

tasks and lists. and such

we had swimming lessons. and yes, i almost cried. twice.



he looked so simultaneously small and huge in that pool. so big to be in there with other kids, learning the ropes of swimming. and then so little. my little guy. this motherhood stuff.... crazy.

and maybe it has been the swimming lessons, or the other seventeen piles of stuff. but my brain has felt hazy. like i'm filled with this giant misty cloud of impending things-to-do, but i can't clearly see any of them. i just feel the weight. occasionally, something concrete will float to the surface, but mostly i'm seeing things to do in every corner.



i'll make lists. i'm sure that will help.


if you pressed play when you started reading this, you'll now be in the throws of the song-of-the day over here. i've found myself stopped in my tracks by it today. weeping or hands to the ceiling. what have i to fear or be anxious over when this is my God?

happy friday, friends. may we see Him everywhere.


Allie P said...

SOOO happy to get to read another post of yours and to hear this amazing song. Didn't know Keri Jobe sang it, now I'll have to go add that to itunes.
Swimming lessons!! Kills me too. The constant battle of wanting them to learn and grow...but stay little and the moments to stop. Agh.

Anonymous said...

are you homeschooling with Veritas??? my kids seemed to really like it! you will enjoy the songs-well, most of them!

Stephanie said...

I love her version of that song. It plays on my Pandora station all the time it makes me stop too... Lists... I've got them all over the house and can't find the one I need. :) Hoping your weekend is full of His grace.

joanna said...

stephanie you make me laugh. agreed. "where is the list with that person's number on it...?"

and yes-- beth- i'm pretty sure that's what we're doing next year. we'll see how it goes. glad you can recommend it.

and allie-- yes! agh is exactly the right word for all of this