Friday, June 3, 2011

today's summary... so far

please bear with me as i work out my playlist. it no longer plays automatically, so i've moved it to the top. but it's gigantic... i'm working on it.

so i woke up with this undefinable crabbiness. not happy. no 'good' reason. friday is grocery day at our house and i tried to get going nice and early to get things finished. after kate emerged from my bedroom saying, 'i put yo-tion in my hay-ew.' the kids went for an early bath. (lotion all over those thin curls. nice)

at our first grocery stop, kate's crying because the humungous car-cart is not the 'right' one and then while trying to maneuver the carts, i whack my son on the head (on accident). not even IN the store yet and both kids are crying.

we make it through. and arrive home in time to watch some French Open coverage. we're not very sporty people around here. but we get into tennis. so i put the kids in an early quiet time, made coffee, pulled out the ironing board to work on some fabrics and pieces i'm falling in love with as they grow. i watched awesome tennis, interspersed with commercials for investment companies. hearing about preparing for retirement over and over for a few hours can get in your head. 'how much do we have in savings?? oh yeah... i remember.'

and now i'm sitting here writing. and there's the day so far. always nice to remember. and laugh.

happy friday. and a hopeful weekend to you, my friends.


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