Wednesday, August 8, 2012

2 weeks

school is coming. we have set a start date for two weeks from today. and here is what i have organized so far:


that's right. and it may not look like much, but even that took some effort. a clean, uncluttered spot for all of our lovely school books to go. where are said school books, you might ask? well...


we have Charlotte's Web all set to go. others need to be retrieved from the library, friends' homes, ordered for $1.00 from Abe books, etc. they'll get there. i have a vision of them all stacked beside each other waiting for the glorious learning to begin.

oh, it'll happen. we'll get there.

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heatherbursch said...

One book is all you need to start, right? Have you guys read Trumpet of the Swan by EB White as well? Some day if not this fall, but such a great one to partner with nature journaling and discovery. The boy in the book keeps a learning log. Ahhh, now I'm remembering how much I love a slow start in September with a great new book. Thanks!