Tuesday, August 28, 2012

a new school year

we started school last week. and, friends, my boy is older.


i know you already know this. i know he had a birthday, lost a tooth, yada yada. i know. and i know cameras can be deceptive- making things look slightly different than they really are. each shot is just that- a striking shot into time, capturing just what is there that second.


but... when did my little one start to look like an 11 year old?

i know. i know. perhaps i'm exaggerating. maybe. but look at last year's first-day-of-school picture:


a little tiny cutie-pants. and now there is a kid. with a missing tooth.

and yet, here we are. first grade.

first week was good. a few... discussions about what to do with educational challenges, but, all in all, we had a good week.

i'm praying i have eyes open to truly see this soul sitting in front of me every day of this school year. that He would give me insight into that heart- pushing me to words and silence in their turn. that i would fall back into His hands of provision every day. in even this my Savior cares and sees. handwriting and geography. addition and science. He is among us.

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Briana said...

That 11 year old look alike is such a cutie pants. Love him so.