Wednesday, August 1, 2012

the olympics

we love the olympics. every 2 years, we get so excited. we have the tv on way more than we usually do and we are glued to the opening ceremonies.

days ago, as i watched the golden rings form above the London arena and the sparks fall, i found tears in my eyes. for a second i thought, "what is wrong with me?" then i thought a bit about it. the weight of the night. the world all looking at the same place. tiny countries i've never heard of being represented by individuals and flags. people from north korea and south korea celebrating in the same place. people not looking so much at each other as much as they look at the goal.

this is a taste of what i'm waiting for. every nation. every language spoken. every group of people that are/have been/will be on this beautiful globe- singing one song. one song. one declaration. one shout of praise. to the Maker and Giver of it all. the slain Lamb, Jesus Christ, at the right hand of the Almighty Father.

oh friends. we have much to look forward to.


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Susanna Hindman said...

Such a beautiful picture. Thanks for the imagery.