Monday, August 27, 2012

nothing. really.

i sat down to write last night and i got... nothing. i know my brain is full of stuff, but i can't seem to put any of it down into something coherent. i wrote a post, thought it was a bit off, so had my sister read it. yeah, it doesn't make sense, she tells me.

so here i am. just typing away. typing nothing. and that's all i have for today.

that and the laundry.
the school work.
the thread on the floor.
the lunch that needs to be made.
the breeze blowing in and through, though the windows will need to be shut soon (it is still august, after all)
andrew peterson's new album waiting for some quiet this afternoon.
and then more laundry.

happy monday, friends. i'll try to find some thoughts soon.

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