Wednesday, August 25, 2010


last night, samuel and his daddy went for a little explore to try out his new compass.


so the girl made a bee-line for the hammock.


one-on-one time with babies is so special. and as we swung and cuddled and she said her brand new little 'weee' i was full of joy. just plain full.


she hung out over the edge trying to grab a leaf or two from the honeysuckle vine growing on the fence. and i could see myself as a small girl always reaching as far as I could out of the boat to grab reeds as we puttered on by. and she handed me her conquests with such pride.

these little ones are such reminders of what still lives deep in our hearts. underneath the frustration, the laundry, the anger, the disappointment- in days, hours and in my life. under all that is this child-joy. this simple laughter of playing and delighting in what's before me. so thankful for these little ones and the way He reminds me of so much when i really look at them.



a sweet friend is taking the kids apple picking this morning. so, under the soft cloud cover, i will drink coffee and sew sew sew.

His gifts. they are simply everywhere.


Beth said...

Hope your sew time was profitable. Are we going to get some pics of any sweet apple treats as fruits from the kiddies labors this morning?

joanna said...

thanks beth-- it was very profitable. i'm going to try to make a pie tonight. i will try to get something up here.