Thursday, August 12, 2010

fear and stillness

Have been thinking of several friends who, along with me, are dealing with some situation in their lives and/or hearts that feels out of control- and it scares us. the fear... the fears that permeate and awaken with us in the morning. and each of our stories are different, but most are full of emotion. those emotions you can't quite find, but you see the evidence everywhere. we are brimming with emotion. and the source of the spring can't always be seen.

and so we commiserate, support, and we pray. and pray some more. pray for the casting out of fear, the quieting of our spirits...

and that's where i have to stop. because my spirit is so seldom quiet. As Psalm 131 states-- i am not nearly smart enough to handle all of the things i try to tackle. i can't see into my child's heart (i can't see into my own heart), i can't know the future or understand the actions of others. i can't always see His hand working in my life and i can so easily despair. and i fear my lack of understanding. i fear so many things.

but if i would sit. be still. be quiet. sit in His huge comforting lap. and hope in Him. oh the picture is so altered. peace arrives.



john and keri said...

thank you for this today.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Jo. Beautiful words of truth. So encouraging.

joanna said...

Beth! look at that! the mysterious world of the internet decided you were allowed to leave a comment today. :)

and-- thanks. God is so good to us.

erica said...

that image of Christ this week in our bible study of peace in the waiting has just overwhelmed me. i just don't know where God wants me to go, feeling like i'm just standing in the middle of the road with so much to do but no idea in which direction to go. this constant feeling of having no purpose, no place to go has just been turning me into a statue. i can't seem to work on anything, to move forward on anything. but the Holy Spirit gives peace in all circumstances when i abide in Him. even peace in having no idea, in feeling completely uninspired. i love being inspired, i love feeling passion about what's next. but i'm praying for peace as well. thank you for this jo, i needed the reminder and love you so much. thank you for walking on this journey with me.