Monday, August 9, 2010

muddled crafting

so i've been stuck. i dug through my pile of fiber beauty. i saw many lovely things, but was tapped out on ways to put these pieces together and make something lovely. tapped out i tell you. couldn't put a cohesive whole together and was repeatedly lost and frustrated. you know how much i love community- once again it came to my rescue.

i sat with my dear friend alli last night. we splayed out fabric after fabric and talked construction. she helped me compile and narrow. and we arrived here:


i can't get over these fabrics together. i'm thinking a table runner. Solid grey in the middle and two log cabin squares on each end made out of this pile of gorgeousness. I educated myself on log cabin squares from Patchwork Style which, for all you Greenville-ians, i got from the library. anyway-- so easy and fun.

we also put these together for, perhaps, a similar project:

little by little it's getting done. so thankful for the people around me who truly spur me on to love and good deeds.

i think table runners fit into that category, don't you?



Hypatia said...

I just bought some awesome fabric squares from walmart, I am going to make some of those fabric blocks you were making. Wish me luck!!

joanna said...

oh you've totally got it. which fabric blocks...? the balls? i want to see pictures, regardless.

alli said...

i can't wait to see the log cabin squares - it is going to look amazing!

Allie P. said...

I love all your stuff. This is the other Allie. =) P. Seriously. I'm not only going to have to re-decorate, but I'm going to have to purchase all of my gifts from you this year. I love finding out that my new friends have amazing talents that I can help support them in. However little it is. Go girl. Create away. You're amazing.

joanna said...

Thanks Allie! what sweet encouragement. i've been having so much fun with it.